Keeping your styling tools clean and sanitized

Scissors and hair shears are an integral part of your hairdressing business. And, they can hamper your reputation if you are having low quality equipment. Hence, taking good care of the scissors and other hairdressing tools assures you to remain top of your work. Continue reading the post to learn more about how to keep your styling tools sanitized and clean.

Why do you need to disinfect your scissors?

Barbers and hairdressers need to sanitize their hairdressing tools to keep the workplace safe. It is a matter of safety concern that professionals need to follow. Tiny hair gets trapped on the scissor blades often. As such, it damages the functionality of the tool. So, it is necessary to keep the shears clean and sanitized to prevent damage to the tool and the spread of harmful bacteria.

Simple steps to keep your scissors disinfect and clean

  1. Eliminate all kinds of dirt from the scissor blades by wiping it with a clean cloth.
  2. Next, apply ethanol or alcohol on the blades and rub them gently.
  3. Give at least 5 minutes for the solution to settle down.
  4. Grab a clean piece of cloth or paper towel and wipe the blades.
  5. Put some oil on the screws if you aren’t going to use them for some time.

Things to remember when you are disinfecting the scissors

  • One of the best ways to disinfect your hair cutting equipment is by using UV rays
  • Hot water disinfects your scissors properly. Keep in your mind to dry the scissors so that it doesn’t catch rust
  • Never attempt to soak your haircutting tools on ethanol, alcohol, or other similar kinds of fluids
  • If you accidentally put them on the solution, dry them properly and ensure they are free from it
  • After sanitizing, take paper towels and wipe the scissors. As such, they remain dry for usage
  • Keep away your styling tools from chlorine. It damages your scissors by rusting

How to clean the brushes, cutting combs and scissors every day

Never leave the brushes and combs in liquid sanitizer for the whole night. Combs and brushes have materials that tend to give away when they are exposed to liquids for a longer time. However, you can make use of a toothbrush or a small cleaning brush to clean your hair styling equipment. Immerse the cleaning brush on the fluid sanitizer and rub on the tools to make them clean.

Scissors need to be cleaned daily

Scissors accumulate different kinds of debris, dirt, and chemicals on them while working. Therefore, you can use sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the dirt buildup. Use a cotton ball for a better result. Stay away from the sharp edges while cleaning and disinfecting the scissors.

Open the scissor in a way so that it makes an angle of 45 degrees. Put some oil in the rotating point and store it away for the night. On the following morning, try to operate the scissor in the same way like you are working with it. The excess oil comes out. Clean it with a clean cloth.

Give the scissors a warm bath

Proper sanitizing and cleaning of your styling tools begins when you give them a complete hot bath. Arrange some warm water and add a little soapy fluid to it. Leave your scissors on the solution for about a minute or two. Let them soak the water. Continue the process if you have plenty of scissors.

How to make your scissors dry

Sometimes it might seem unnecessary, but keeping your scissors dry is an important part of the whole process. Take a clean towel and wipe the blades to make them dry. If you don’t keep the blades dry, rust will buildup and damage your styling tool.

After drying, watch out if there is any kind of tiny hair stuck on the screw. If you find some, it should be cleaned. A good way to remove the debris is by using a toothpick. It is a great alternative and you can put it to work regularly.

Is lubricating your scissor important?

Yes, it is very important to lubricate your scissors after finishing the cleaning process. It prevents the scissors from building up of dirt. Also, it helps to prevent the tool from rusting. Pour a few drops of oil on the screw. Keep it for some time and rub it off with a clean cloth later.

How can you maintain your scissors in the right way?

Managing your styling tools is quite easy. All you need to do is maintain them in the right way by cleaning, sanitizing, drying, and lubricating. To improve their handling and performance, you have to store them in the best possible ways.

Makes sure to store them in separate compartments. That way, there won’t be issues because of the damaged blades. A good protective case is what you need in this situation. Your shears would remain free of moisture. A well-maintained scissor can avoid certain risks when you are doing a haircut.

Is it possible to sanitize the hair styling tools between customers?

Yes, it is possible to clean and sanitize the hairdressing equipment between clients. However, to achieve this feat, you need to employ a separate person for this task. That’s because you can’t manage haircutting and clean simultaneously.

On busy days, a normal hairdresser might have around 20 to 30 clients. Hence, sanitizing and keeping the tools clean might be an impossible task. A sensible cleaning and disinfecting of combs, scissors, and brushes need a significant amount of time.

An extra person effectively cleans and sanitizes the styling tools between customers. In short, you get everything clean and ready within minutes. Now, you can carry on with the next client.


Keep in mind that sanitized hairdressing tools are required to make the workplace safe. Moreover, disinfecting and sterilizing the tools helps you avoid bacteria buildup. Also, you don’t have to worry about rusting. A dry, clean scissor makes the work easier and safer. Sanitizing the styling tools is pretty much important to keep the workplace safe both for the clients and people working there. It has become the latest trend following the Covid-19 outbreak.