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Are you looking for the best hairdressing scissors? If yes, then it is the right page to get information. We all know that Japanese scissors are famous for their superior quality and sharpness.

If you are a hairdresser, you must know the importance of finding the right Japanese scissors. These scissors are renowned for their reliability and high-quality material.

It doesn’t matter for how long you have working in this industry; if you invest in the right tools, then it’s going to pay you back. However, the hairdresser shears are available in different ranges, sizes, quality, and designs. But before investing here to get a quality pair of hairdressing tools, you have to search correctly. So, lets’ take a start on this road.

Roots of Japanese hairdressing scissors

The history of the Japanese scissors goes back to the times of samurai. Moreover, the roots of these blades match with the famous samurai swords. The first-ever convex shaped steel blade that gave the best hair cutting experience was made in japan. However, since then, these blades are providing the best hair cutting experiences. Due to the excellent quality, Japan is the number one choice when it comes to shears.

Now all top hairstylists prefer the Japanese blades to cut the hair. Due to the historical status, Japan has become the ultimate supplier to deliver the finest hairdressing and barber scissors. We read earlier that Japan is famous for steel; due to this, many brands are producing high-quality shears. But it is vital to know in-depth about the hairdressing industry to choose the best quality tools.

Difference between scissors and shears

After learning about the history of Japanese hairdressing scissors, it is vital to know a common difference. It will help to choose the best Japanese hairdressing scissors. There are many types and names like hairdressing shears, scissors, thinning shears, texturized scissors, and whatnot. But is there any difference between scissors and shears? So, the answer is that both things are almost the same with little difference. So, let’s learn more about the difference.

Japanese Barber scissors Hairdressing shears

  • Barber scissors have the same size holes for fingers.
  • Shears have small holes for the index finger and large hole for the thumb.
  • The size comes between 4 inches to 6 inches.
  • They come in sizes that range between 6 inches to 7.5 inches.

Scissors are made to perform the majority of the hairdressing techniques. The shears are best to perform over the come barbering techniques.

Moreover, it would help if you remember that whether these are shears are scissors, they perform equally well in a hair salon.

What are the tips for choosing the best Japanese hairdressing scissors?

If you are stepping into any industry, then it is vital to know the basics. Like if you are starting a barber business, then you should have the right tools. So, in our opinion, Japanese scissors are a perfect fit for beginner and professional hairstylists. However, there are plenty of brands available in the market. But it’s always hard to choose the best without proper guidance. So, we are presenting some tips that will help you buy the best tools to take a head start in the hairdressing business.

Decide what size is right for you:

If you search in the market, then there are many types of scissors available in the market. But you should choose the one that goes best with your cutting style, budget, and other requirements. Although professionals can cut any type of hair, if you are a beginner, then you have to search. Usually, we divide the scissors into two main categories.

In the above data chart, you can see that female hairdressers usually use shears between 5inch-6inches. Apart from this, male hairdresser prefers scissors between 6-7 inches. But if you are in doubt, then it is good to use 6-inch scissors. Moreover, if there are scissors in your house and you want to use that, then it’s good to measure the size before using them.

Steps to measure scissors’ size:

It’s also an excellent decision to use scissors that are already at home. Here are some necessary steps then you can follow to measure the size of scissors at home.

  • Find scissors that you think might fit your requirements.
  • Now place the scissors on the palm of your hand.
  • Place the tip of the scissors’ blade on the end of your middle finger in a third step.
  • Now, at the last step, measure the blades’ length against your middle finger. You also have the option to take size against your hand.

It’s up to you to decide the scissors’ size as long as you are comfortable using them. However, if you choose 5.5 inches-6-inch scissors, then you can perform more hairdressing techniques.

In addition to this, if you use 6.5-7-inch shears, then it is suitable for barbering techniques. These scissors have a longer blade, so it makes it smoother to perform procedures.

Know different types of Japanese hairdressing scissors:

There are many types, sizes, qualities of Japanese scissors. But it’s always important to know what you are going to choose. So, here are some types that could be a perfect fit for every situation.

Japanese short blade:

The Japanese haircutting scissors are perfect if you are interested in performing different hair cutting techniques. Usually, you can find this type of scissors in sizes between 4-inch – 5.5-inch. Moreover, these shears are perfect if you want a high level of accuracy in haircutting. Thus, these are the best fit for people who have small to medium hands.

Japanese long blade scissors:

Japanese long blade shears are perfect for barbering techniques, especially when it comes to “Over the comb” methods. However, you can find this type of shears in between 6.5-inch-7.5-inch. Moreover, these are perfect for larger hands because they provide an ideal grip. Above all, the longer blades work perfectly to take off the more extended parts of the hair.

Pay attention to scissor’s handles:

Scissors’ handles play a vital role to create a perfect looking hairstyle. So, while choosing the best Japanese hairdressing scissors, pay attention to grips. There are the following types of Japanese shear handles.

Offset handles:

Offset and semi-offset scissor handles are the top and common choice when it comes to hairdressing shears. Japanese know very well about the barbers’ demand. So, they design the handles to give maximum comfort to the hairdressers.

Offset handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hands and don’t hurt even if you cut hair all day. However, it is a handle that top hairdressers recommend because they work naturally in their hands. In this handle, the top finger ring is a little offset from the bottom one. Thus, it makes a perfect combination for barbers.

Opposing classic handles:

The opposing classic handle of the Japanese scissors is circulating in the market for so long. However, due to smooth working, there are many fans of this type of scissor’s handle.

It is a handle that could fit perfectly in hand. But unfortunately, it put pressure on elbows, wrists, and shoulders. So, if you don’t treat this strain on time, then it may create further problems. Due to this drawback, it is perfect for hairdressers who work for a short time.

Crane handles:

The crane handles of the Japanese scissors are the most widely used and safest scissors available in the market. However, the design and functionality of these handles are similar to the offset ones. However, this handle provides a perfect fit in your hand and reduces pressure on the elbow, shoulders, and wrist. So, these are the ideal fit for people who are looking for high-quality shears. The main goal of these scissors is to provide quality and comfort both in one tool.

Left-handed handles:

It is a perfect handle for people who use the left hand for cutting—however, these scissors’ common name is LEFTY. The primary purpose of designing this Japanese hairdressing handle is to avoid permanent injuries of the left-handed barbers.

Writer’s suggestion:

We have already talked about the best Japanese scissors and the guide to buy the right one. But still, if there is any confusion, we are providing a list of scissors that most barbers use. So, if you are in any confusion, then go with these:

For female hairdressers For male hairdressers

  • 5.5-inch scissors with offset handle
  • 6-inch shears with offset handle
  • 6-inch shears with offset handle
  • 6.5-inch blades with offset handle
  • 6-inch-7=inch scissors with long offset blade
  • 7-inch edges with offset barber scissors

If you are confused and don’t have enough knowledge about Japanese scissors, then go for the above suggestions.

What are the best suggestions for Japanese hairdressing scissors?

All top hairdressers know that Japan is a country where they will find the best quality products. As a result, all of the manufacturers import steel from japan to make scissors. Japan is benefiting the whole world from the experience of thousands of years. If you are interested in buying, then here is the list of the ten best Japanese hairdressing scissors.

1st: YASAKA offset hair cutting scissors:

YASAKA Seiki is a prime scissor’s producing company that manufactures the best quality shears for North America. However, the affordable price and high quality make it a top brand to shop for scissors. If you compare YASAKA with other scissors making brands, most companies cost around $800 or more. But few brands like Mizutani and Joewell reach up to $2000.

Visit the official Yasaka Website

Highlighted features:

  • However, with such competition, YASAKA maintains the quality with less price between $300-$400.
  • If you want to buy YASAKA’s offset scissors, then it will cost around $200.
  • Due to the high quality and affordable price, it became the best japan made scissors in 2020-2021. However, you can easily find these shears in North America and the USA.
  • Moreover, the YASAKA scissors come between 4.5-6 inches, and they are incredibly lightweight.
  • The YASAKA uses the VG10 cobalt steel that makes it lightweight and gives a well-balanced feel.

However, these shears use calm shaped convex edge. The YASAKA makes sure to use a sleek and sharp blade for effortless cuts.

Pros and cons of YASAKA offset scissors:

Pros Cons
Made in Japan A trained convex edge sharpener is a must to avoid damage to the blade
Use the convex edge blade to give a sleek and sharp feel.  
Affordable price  
High quality  
Made up of high-quality Japanese steel  
Best-selling Japanese shears  

YASAKA is capturing a huge chunk of the hairdresser market due to the high quality. Above all, the reasonable price range does wonders to attract people. However, the premium quality, sharp convex edge blades, and comfortable design make it a number one choice.

Buy Yasaka Scissors Australia Here!

2nd: JOEWELL SZ hair cutting scissors:

JOEWELL is another best Japanese company that manufactures high-quality haircutting scissors. However, the unique design and craftsmanship of the workers are enough to attract top hairdressers. The main focus of this company is to produce elegant designs and to promote simplicity. To fulfill this vision, they have removed the tension screw from the top side to give a classier look.

Visit the official Joewell Website

Highlighted features:

  • The simple yet elegant designs of the JOEWELL SZ is enough to attract more buyers. The cost of these scissors ranges up to $300.
  • The JOEWELL SZ is a top-search brand that uses high-quality material to provide maximum value for money.
  • Moreover, there is a lifetime warranty for the products because they have immense confidence in the quality.
  • The JOEWELL’s scissors come in sizes between 5.25-5.75 inches. Moreover, the designs have an offset handle for a comfortable grip.

If you are looking for high-quality Japanese hairdressing scissors, then Joewell is among the best choices.

Pros and cons of JOEWELL scissors:

Pros Cons
Made in Japan Uses a Japanese standard blade that is different than Yasaka’s clam shaped blade
Affordable price  
High quality  

By keeping in mind, the quality, price, and affordability, the JOEWELL is the best choice. So, if you are looking for modern, sleek, and professional features in one place, then Joewell is that one-stop-shop.

Buy Joewell Scissors Australia Here!

3rd: KAMISORI sword barber scissors:

KAMISORI is another famous brand that manufactures scissors inside and outside of Japan. However, the high-quality material is the main highlight of this brand. The Kamisori sword barber scissors are their top tool made up with the 3D convex edge blade. Moreover, it uses a sharp edge that makes it the best quality haircutting tool.

Visit the official Kamisori Website

Highlighted features:

  • The name of this flagship blade is sword barber scissors, and it uses premium 440C steel.
  • Moreover, the blades have offset handles that make it comfortable for professionals by creating a well-balanced look.
  • Above all, the sword barber shear is best to perform the “OVER THE COMB” barbering techniques.

So, the above qualities, sleek design, and high quality making it a top choice and big hit in North America.

Pros and cons of KAMISOKI sword scissors:

Pros Cons
3D Convex Edge Blade The price is high compared to others
Japanese 440C Steel Only available in right-handed models
Offset ergonomics  
International Award Winning  

The KAMISORI is one of those brands that capture attention with their high quality, unique and comfortable designs. Moreover, the 3D convex edge blade makes it even more perfect for hairdressers. So, if you have the price to pay, then it should be your first choice.

4th: JUNTETSU Japanese hairdressing scissors:

JUNTETSU has similarities with YASAKA because it provides high-quality cutting tools at less price. However, this scissor brand’s primary focus is to make 440C & VG10 scissors affordable for professionals. The brand uses the Japanese style offset in most of their scissors to capture a vast market.

Highlighted features:

  • The silent gears and premium quality steel are enough to give a professional hair cut easily.
  • Moreover, you can determine the quality just by opening and closing the scissors.
  • The Japanese hairdressing scissors use sharp convex edge blades. It is more potent than the VG10 steel; that’s it is the favorite of the professionals.

All of the above qualities make it the best investment. Moreover, it is quite an affordable option that is widely available in North America.

Pros and cons of JUNTETSU hair cutting scissors:

Pros Cons
High-quality VG10 steel Simple design
Convex edge blade Only available in right-handed models
Lightweight design  
Best value for money  

Hence, the above conversation proves that these scissors are the most affordable available in the market. However, due to unique features, it replaces the “Bells & Whistles.” So, here you can find premium quality with sharp convex edge blades at less price.

Buy Juntetsu Scissors Australia Here!

5th: ICHIRO offset thinning Japanese scissors:

ICHIRO offset scissors set is one of the best available choices for professional hairdressers in the US. However, the scissors set is made up of Japanese 440C material. It gives the extra sharp and edge to the barbering tools. Due to the premium quality, the shears are easy to manage and lightweight.

Highlighted features:

  • ICHIRO makes sure to use the unique ball bearing screw to maintain the tightness of scissors. So, due to this, the scissors don’t lose and wear out like other screws.
  • The shears of ICHIRO use high-quality convex edge blades that give the high performing texture. Moreover, the sharp V-shaped teeth are there to ensure smooth working.
  • The convex edge blades use on the cutting scissors to give the smooth cuts without any effort.

However, due to all these qualities, the offset hair cutting tool gets the best rating. Moreover, the better quality and user experience help to increase the sale in the US.

Pros & cons of ICHIRO scissors:

Pros Cons
Affordable prices Limited to right-handed models
Ball-bearing tension screws Doesn’t use premium cobalt or VG10 steel
440C Steel  
Great value for money set  

However, the five-star rated most affordable scissors set is the best solution for hairdressers. The Japanese company takes all essential steps to make it a best-valued scissors set.

6th: ICHIRO matte black hair cutting scissors:

If we are talking about the ICHIRO, how can we forget to talk about the black matte? Yes, it comes in a slim black matte design with thinning set. Moreover, it has features like ball-bearing screws to maintain high efficiency. Apart from this, ICHIRO coat the scissors over thirty times to hold the colors. However, the strong coating keeps it safe from scratches and made it safe for handling.

Highlighted features:

  • The thinning and texturized shape use efficient and sharp teeth to make it more efficient.
  • Moreover, the convex edge blade makes it 20-30% more efficient and helps get the perfect cut-away.
  • The ICHIRO black matte comes with convex edge blades that perform most of the hair cutting techniques.
  • Above all, ICHIRO uses 440C steel that makes it a lightweight and perfect fit for professional hairdressers.

If you are looking for professional Japanese hairdressing scissors, this black matte will not disappoint.

Pros & cons of ICHIRO black matte:

Pros Cons
440C Steel Slimmer Design
Stylish Matte Black Coating  
Convex Edge Slicing Blade  
Offset Ergonomic Handles  

If you are looking for an ideal hairdressing set that isn’t traditional, you should go for this option. However, the features like convex edge blades, ball bearing screws, and stylish design make it a perfect fit for professionals.

7th: MINA UMI hair cutting scissors:

MINA UMI manufactures top-class hair cutting sets that purely serves best for professionals and beginners. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, then nothing can beat MINA UMI.

Highlighted features:

  • The lightweight and sleek design are enough to attract hairdressers.
  • Moreover, the flat edge blade is best to cut without any hassle. Above all, you don’t need to worry about any pressure on the shoulders, wrist, and fingers.
  • The affordable price range makes it best for beginners, professionals, and people who want to make a start at home.

Pros and cons of MINA UMI:

Pros Cons
Great Entry Level Beginner Scissor Basic Steel
Slim Scissor Design  
Comfortable Offset Handle  
Various Sizes  

However, this perfect featured pair of scissors comes under the price range of $150. It is the best choice for people who want something sleek and professional in an affordable range.

Buy Mina Scissors Australia Here!

8th: JUNTETSU KS haircutting scissors:

Our conversation can’t complete without mentioning the JUNTETSU KS scissors. Yes, these are the best for people who are looking for the best quality. It is lightweight, silent, and sharp shears. Due to all these reasons, it is a favorite choice for hairdressers.

Highlighted features:

  • JUNTETSU KS is a professional company that is proficient in making traditional and modern scissors.
  • However, these shears have 440C steel and convex edge blades to give them a premium shelf life.
  • The excellent blades and helps to create perfect-looking haircuts.
  • However, the powder polish finishing touches make it best than any other scissors. As a result, it creates a captivating look that impresses clients and competitors.

Pros and cons of JUNTETSU KS:

Pros Cons
Convex Edge Blade Only available in 6 inches
Premium 440C steel  
Comfortable Offset Handle  
Powder polish finish  

If you look at the JUNTETSU KS scissors tool, it is a pure example of premium quality. Though these scissors are small, each piece is worth spending. Moreover, the sharp blades, 440C steel, and powder finish touches make it the best Japanese hairdressing scissors.

9th: ICHIRO K10 scissors:

After reading about all the above types, you believe that VG10 and convex edge blades are the symbols of good scissors. However, if you want to know about one more option with this choice, then ICHIRO K10 is that one. In these shears, they use premium VG10 steel and convex edge blade to make them sharper.

Highlighted features:

  • The ICHIRO K10 scissors come with perfect fitted handles, lightweight and modern design.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t pressure your elbows, wrist, and shoulders and help you work comfortably.
  • Above all, the precision hand tension adjuster is a helping tool that works to adjust the tightness. Thus, you can adjust the tightness without using a key.
  • The simple yet elegant design makes it perfect for professionals.

Pros and cons of ICHIRO K10:

Pros Cons
Convex Edge Blade Only available with hand-adjustable screw
Premium VG10 steel  

However, the VG10 steel and convex edge blades making it a perfect choice for barbers in Canada and the USA. Moreover, the lightweight and sharp yet high-quality blades are extra. Due to all these reasons, it is the most affordable yet premium option available.

10th: YASAKA barbering shears:

We already discussed YASAKA, but we can’t miss out on these shears. YASAKA uses high-quality Japanese cobalt steel, unique designs, and engraving styles. However, the clam-shaped convex edge blade scissors are purely handmade.

Highlighted features:

  • YASAKA shears have a long and sharp blade, flat screw, lightweight, and offers offset ergonomics.
  • The shears are hand made by using high-quality Nara and Japanese material.
  • Despite handmade and unique manufacturing methods, it still manages to maintain the affordable price range.
  • Above all, these scissors’ overall quality is over the board; that’s why it is a top choice for years.

Pros and cons YASAKA shears:

Pros Cons
Japanese Cobalt Steel Smaller finger inserts
Powerful Long Barber Blade  

These high-quality shears come in the price range of $500 due to handmade engraving. Thus, due to the unique qualities, it is the best choice for barbers. What are the simple tricks to cut hair at home?

After knowing everything about the best Japanese hairdressing scissors, now we move ahead. We understand that every person has his own style of cutting. However, it may vary according to the level of expertise. But there are tricks and tips that you can use with Japanese hairdressing scissors to create a perfect haircut. However, here is the

list of items that you need before starting a haircut:

  • A model for cutting
  • Best Japanese hairdressing scissors
  • One spray bottle
  • And a hair comb

After arranging all the above items now, we move ahead to learn the necessary steps to cut hair at home.

1st: Spray the hair with water:

You have the option to cut hair without spraying them with water. But it’s always better to do the cut at wet hair to create a perfect look. So, pour water into the hair thoroughly.

2nd: Comb the hair:

It’s always better to remove knots from hair. So, for this, you have to comb your hair properly before starting a haircut. In this way, you get an idea about the hairs’ thickness and length. However, after spraying, take the comb and ensure there aren’t any knots before getting a cut.

3rd: Learn to hold scissors:

It is one of the most crucial steps to cut perfect hair at home. Yes, learn how to hold scissors for an ideal haircut. Here are steps that will help you to learn the basics of holding scissors.

  • In the first step, you will insert the finger in a smaller hole of the scissors.
  • Now insert your thumb into the larger whole of the shears.
  • At this step, keep your middle and index fingers ahead of the smaller hole. It is near the blade, and your finer shouldn’t go further than the middle screw.
  • Now keep the fingers and hands in a natural position and open, close scissors with the thumb’s help. But don’t put much pressure on the pinky finger.

Moreover, there are many other tips, tricks, and ways to hold the scissors. But most hairstylists have barbering shears with traditional grip.

4th: Learn to cut hair at home:

The haircutting technique may differ according to the requirement of the client. But here we are maintaining a list of most common methods for:

  • Short hair: Cut hair from the sides of the head until you get the desired look
  • Long hair: You can clip the hair into sections to create a perfect haircut

Most importantly, don’t forget to use a comb before cutting the hair. Generally, hairdressers chop off half of the length in case of long hair. Moreover, trim the ends of the hair to add texture and a puffy look.

5th: Now review your cutting and make some changes:

It is a step that comes after cutting hair. I know you have seen a situation where you were satisfied with a haircut in a salon, but later, you hated that. So, if you want to avoid this situation, then review your hair after getting a haircut. However, if you aren’t satisfied, then book an appointment with hairdressers to make essential changes. If you are cutting hair at home, then it’s better to see a tutorial for the perfect guide.

6th: Cut a fringe:

If you are a fringes lover, then you should read this part. It’s not challenging but essential to creating a final look. So, you only need to spray hair lightly and comb them down. If the hair is straight, then trim them according to your taste.

Final verdict: The Best Japanese Hair Scissors In Australia

After reading the whole conversation, one thing is evident that all the above brands of Japanese hairdressing scissors are best. So, before buying the scissors, look at your requirements and goals that you want to achieve. You may choose ICHIRO, YASAKA, or KAMISORI, and it depends on your needs. But before making the decision, look at the price, design, durability, and value of that cutting tool. Moreover, there isn’t any doubt that Japanese hairdressing scissors are performing exceptionally in Canada and the USA. But your needs, budget, and choice will direct you to take a decision that is best for you.

Here is a list of the best websites for Japanese scissors per country:

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