Mina Hairdressing & Barbering Scissor Brand

The Mina Scissors brand makes high-quality barber, hairdressing and hair cutting scissors. Utilising professional ergonomics stainless steel, basic bevel, flat-edge or convex-edge blades, they create the ideal professional hair scissors for beginners.

Mina Scissors Summary

  • Professional offset ergonomics
  • Steel for cutting stainless
  • Prices for scissors between $99 and $249
  • Sizes available: 4.0", 2.5", 5.0", 5.0%", 5.5", 6.0 percent", 6.5", and 7.5".
  • Models: Umi, Ash, Sakura, Jay, Matte Black, Classic, and much more!

Mina Scissors Review

The Mina hair scissors are becoming increasingly popular for producing reliable and affordable hairdressing scissors. The Mina Umi Classic and Matte Black are the best all-rounder hair scissors for less than $200.

Mina makes use of a variety of convex or flat edge blades for its hair scissors. Mina uses simple designs and a solid manufacturing process to create the finest scissors for hair cutting at your home at the barbershop, salon or at school.

Mina is a fantastic scissor brand for people seeking to purchase beginner or more affordable basic hairdressing scissors.

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